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Press Releases and Statements made by the Defence Team

Defendant in Seychelles show trial continues to suffer procedural improprieties
8th August 2022

Commonwealth leaders urged to intervene in Seychelles showtrial
21st June 2022

Concerns mount over “show trial” in the Seychelles
26th May 2022

Seychelles prosecution’s own evidence appears to exonerate Laura Valabhji in a high-profile court case –while she remains under arrest and on remand for almost 4 months
8th March 2022

Mukesh Valabhji vigorously refutes new allegations as lawyer calls escalation of alleged offences ‘unfounded’ and ‘deeply troubling’
11th February 2022

British-Canadian citizen arrested –single mother held by authorities for being an employee of Mukesh Valabhji–deepening concerns about the ACCS’s motives
9th February 2022

Seychelles Supreme Court again defers bail hearing as Laura Valabhji is returned to remand after 73 days in custody
29th January 2022

Seychelles authorities intimidate and disqualify local defence lawyer as fears mount over show-trial of Opposition figures
26th January 2021

Media Coverage

English barristers criticised over Seychelles ‘show trial’
The Times, 5th June 2022

Concerns mount over “show trial” in Seychelles
Why Africa, 27th May 2022

Financial crime: Seychelles’ anti-corruption body brings new charges against Valabhji couple
Seychelles News Agency, 27 May 2022

Suspects charged in fire arms case at Seychelles’ Supreme Court
Seychelles News Agency, 11 Feb 2022

Seychellois lawyer drops ‘missing $50m’ case, foreign law firm cries foul
Seychelles News Agency, 27 Jan 2022

Kobre & Kim Lawyers Accuse Seychelles Anti-Corruption Body of Intimidation, 27 Jan 2022

U.K. bolsters Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles, which will get its own prosecutor
Seychelles News Agency, 2 July 2021

Seychelles’ anti-corruption efforts get boost from EU
Seychelles Nation, 28 Dec 2019

Seychelles’ top court sentences former Anti-Corruption Commission official to 8 years
Seychelles News Agency, 7 Dec 2018

Relevant Reports and Documents

Commission of Inquiry report on COSPROH

Seychelles Human Rights Commission
Investigation and Analysis Report
Ministry of Home Affairs
(Detention Conditions at Central Police Station)