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Mukesh Valabhji vigorously refutes new allegations as lawyer calls escalation of alleged offences ‘unfounded’ and ‘deeply troubling’

Today, the defendant in the high-profile corruption case in Seychelles, Mukesh Valabhji, received a summons from the Supreme Court to answer allegations about five new offences. These relate to arms and ammunition that were found at Mr Valabhji’s residence. The summons suggests that this proves that he has conspired against the government and committed an ‘abuse of office’. Mr Valabhji has previously denied all allegations brought against him after his arrest some 87 days ago. He vigorously refutes the Court’s claim today.

Jonathan Huth of Kobre & Kim, the international law firm which has witnessed significant procedural and constitutional defects in the handling of the cases against Mr Valabhji and his wife Laura since November 2021, said from London: “The allegations are unfounded and the evidence is spurious, as it has been all along since our client was arrested.”

“Our client will vigorously defend himself, if and when he is able to secure a full and fair trial. Until such time, our firm, legal experts and human rights campaigners will be watching every step the Court makes in this case. This scrutiny will be vital not just for Mr Valabhji and his wife, but to ensure the proper application of the rule of law within the Seychelles.”